Next Door Buddies with Derrick Dime and Cole Christiansen

Posted by admin - April 29th, 2016

nextdoorbuddies‘Best Gay Pornstars’ know what it loves to show off, and that’s hardcore movies filmed by showing big hard cocks that never go limp, especially when they belong to strapping young muscle men like Derrick Dime and Cole Christiansen.
Derrick Dime has a big problem, no matter what he does, he just can’t control his raging hard gay cock. So far in this Next Door Buddies series, Derrick has fucked the sweet asses off of, Scott Riley, in episode one, and Jimmy Fanz in episode two, but his cock still won’t down. His seven inch thick dick is unstoppable, and insatiable, it doesn’t matter where he is, in the street, in a busy a packed supermarket, in the gym, his cock just won’t go down.
In this hardcore episode Derrick is working out in the gym. His cock is hard as always and he finds it hard to concentrate. It is so obvious his dick is hard as people watch on as his shorts stick out like an angry tent about to rip wide open. Gay Pornstar Cole Christiansen, a young man with a smooth chest has got an itch deep in his ass which he needs scratching, and as soon as he sees Derrick’s pants sticking out, he knows that is what he wants, He makes eyes at Derrick and nods towards another room, where Derrick follows with a heightened sense of excitement.
Derrick Dime
As they kiss, Cole gently touches Derrick’s cock through his shorts which sends a thousand bolts of electricity travelling through Derrick’s over excited body. Their best gay pornstars cocks touch each other through their tiny briefs and after they have peeled them off, Derrick sits down, and with much needed attention he purrs with relief as he feels the warm breath of another man’s mouth next to his cock and ball sack. Cole takes it between his thick lips and sucks it all the way down until his nose grazes against his wiry pubes.
Cole then stands up and as Derrick sucks on his young dick, he strokes on his own unquenchable hardon and squeezes his ball sack which is churning up fresh spunk by the second. They get into the sixty nine position and suck on each other’s best cocks until Derrick’s cock needs something a bit tighter than a wet mouth.

Cole gets up and squats over Derrick’s rock solid cock and slowly, he sits down on his cock, feeling every inch of it stretching his asshole to the limit as he takes every inch all the way in. Cole growls and grunts with desire as he fucks Derrick’s unquenchable dick underneath him.
Sweat rolls down their hard hot bodies as Derrick rams his cock deep into Cole’s asshole time and time again. Cole Christiansen’s body goes into spasms as his ass gets pile driven by Derrick and with a last growl, his cock explodes and sweet salty spunk sprays over his exhausted and gay fucked body. Derrick Dime stands up and is at long last rewarded as hot cum boils out and over his quivering cock and onto Cole’s handsome young face.
Cole ChristiansenCole Christiansen is a good looking smooth young man with a great body, and although this is only his second hardcore movie with Next Door Buddies, he has done other porn before, including bare backing for Mormon boyz, under the name of ‘Elder Isaacs’ Cole is five feet seven inches tall, has brown hair, and very sexy hazel eyes. He has a seven inch cut cock and is a very hungry and naughty bottom boy.
Derrick Dime is far from being a saint thank goodness for us. He has been in a whole load of porn films and has starred in fifty four for this site alone. The most amount of viewers he has had with Next Door Buddies is almost 100,000 where we see him having great sex with Ricky Martinez in ‘Derrick’s Fury.’ Derrick is a powerhouse of a man who bulges with muscle. He has jet black eyes, sexy brown eyes and he is five feet eleven inches. He is an eager top and has a seven inch cut gay cock.

Abraham All Malek

Posted by admin - April 29th, 2016

x6Abraham All Malek has a dark mysterious look about him. He is handsome face with brooding and sultry eyes and a fantastic hard body full of black hair and muscles. Incidentally, if you like to catch up on gossip, Abraham is Spanish, and he got married to his boyfriend, Dato Foland, a Russian porn star, back in 2013. It is also rumoured, that Dato, might have been going out with Damien Crosse (his ex-partner) at the same time when him and Abraham first met. Abraham is a versatile top and has an uncut seven and a half inch dick. He has black hair, brown eyes and is five feet eight inches tall.

Str8 Porn video Using Gay Pornstar Johnny Rapid

Posted by admin - July 8th, 2015

The modern scene from Str8 to sunny with Johnny Rapid is named Hump or Bump: it might simply like simply be called “Horseplay over terrible” or “Horseplay Gone Good”, dependent on the way you think. Everbody knows, Str8 To Samesex is focused in involving the wonderland of straight guys achieving running by sunny gender. This field is no distinct from all other remainder of this sites liberates; straight man obtains horny also it isn’t also difficult to get him or her to say yes to a blowjob.

He or she warms up to the actual concept as the tool is repaired by Jacks starving lips. Both boys have off and Johnny bends during the settee. He or she is are you wanting some activity. Jack accounts for her in a steaming ass ripping stage. Tool will take Johnny doggy design and is obvious that both guys are having fun. Some scorching bum going will take locations on top of the supply associated with the couch. These types of men perform their option from the rub sofa yet again. Johnny creates flag exceptional mind. After he’s completed playing with his prick you rides this waiting look. Johnny loves the sensation of jack’s tough 9 inch cock.

At very first Jack is a bit stressed to always be buying mind from another man; nevertheless, it will just take you one or two mins of feeling a comfortable, damp, eager jaws taking her rich inside for him to relax and take pleasure in herself. Simply like Jack is becoming all horny, both dudes bring exposed and Johnny bends throughout the couch, exhibiting their snug ass to tool.

Their very own significant dick is observed flapping to and fro. These two the male is incredible hot. These include suited and sleek. Down the line when you look at the stage tool will get Johnny when he needed to park as well as gives it to her close. His limbs become up in mid-atmosphere and that he enjoys that it. Johnny tug up and permits united states all see. There’s a great sperm chance. Port takes away and then the straight dude squirts through away their/her brave buddy. Through the appearances within their people at the conclusion of this world no doubt that this stands out as the very first time it won’t be the final.


Video of a gay men on men porn site review

Posted by admin - March 26th, 2015

The newest Gay Men film from Drill My Hole is actually a crazy romp called You Owe Me. The movie begins in a jail. Younger Emanuel Brazzo happens to be terrible, therefore the dark and gorgeous Trey Turner has arrived to bail him down. As soon as during the automobile, Trey lets Emanuel realize that he is annoyed for needing to bail his butt out of prison. The man rants for a couple seconds and next causes Emanuel’s mind all the way down on their open penis. Trey is driving, and dangers each of them likely to jail for this act, but has Emanuel give him a blow task most of the option to his house.

This draw fest goes on for more than five moments! Emanuel ultimately receives to sleep their numb mouth, and hurting jaw whenever Trey enables the youthful piece to rim their dark asshole. After that Troy makes a decision to be great and then he comes back the favor of a sweet-tasting blow task and provide Emanuel’s penis some much needed attention. This causes to another extended suck fest.Trey chooses he is the one that would like to be top man, and then he desires to punish Emanuel for the poor deeds he performed the evening before that landed him behind taverns.

From the beginning Trey dominates Emmanuel, additionally the bed room scene begins with Emmanuel sucking very long and hard on Trey’s eight inches slice dick.  Emmanuel gags on Trey’s love muscle, but Trey demonstrates no compassion.  Trey taunts their spouse with opinions like, “you love that big cock don’t you?” and “C’mon simply take that nude men gay videos dick”. Emanuel’s stretched mouth finally acquire some respite when he is actually permitted to rim Trey’s good butt.  After giving Emanuel’s cock some delightful oral interest, these people dudes have naked and Trey makes a decision it’s time for you screw some ass.

Our two Latin buffs get nude and Trey goes directly to work and pushes his heavy, hard cock straight up Emanuel’s butt – hard and furious. Trey punishes Emanuel’s butt for a great 15 minutes, Emanuel requires all of it with satisfaction and discomfort. Trey receives Emanuel is some actually amazing positions and will continue to pound him for the arena. The guy will continue to penalize the dirty son until Emanuel cannot hold back any longer and shoots a loud load of jizz all throughout the place. Trey shortly follows with their very own release, in addition to video comes to an end.


Topher Dimaggio and Paddy oBrian in a unique gay sexual article

Posted by admin - January 24th, 2015

With every little thing Drill My Hole has to supply, particularly now once these people are generally having almost day-to-day revisions, the force to produce high quality movies looks like it can experience. But, that’s perhaps maybe not the actual situation at all! In reality, things only keep obtaining better all of the time. Within the newest video clip, Son Swap component 2, we have to find out all of the serious sexual scenes that we now have arrived at count on with this internet site. The arena begins down at a cabin within the forests. Topher Dimaggio and a good pal of his tend to be waiting around for their sons at this lovely lakeside refuge. These people greet the young men regarding the grass and ask them whatever they wish to carry out to begin with. The kids choose on swimming. Ahh, what attractive figures four men have once these people tend to be all wearing wet, tight swimming short pants. Paddy oBrian ( ) swims for a bit and receives away to dry down.

His eight inches pornography cock is nonetheless pulsating, in which the guy orders Paddy to manage it. Paddy, attempting to generate up for his mistakes, quickly and swiftly obeys, bringing the dick in their mouth area, and slurping and sucking away.Topher’s impatience brings him to press Paddy’s head down on his thick shaft, feeling their boy’s throat tighten around him while he gags. “Oh yeah, that’s right, you like that big cock don’t you?” He groans as Paddy keeps drawing his cock. “C’mon,” he thrusts himself much deeper down the boy’s throat, “take my homosexual penis…”The more mature latino man appears upwards, holding Paddy’s face between their hands. “I’m heading to bang your mouth,” he moans, before thrusting themselves inside and out from the younger man’s mouth. He is able to hear him gagging and choking, but Paddy powers through it.”Pl-please,” he gasps around the big cock in the throat, “punish my mouth for my behavior.” Topher smiles, and begins to thrust into his mouth harder. Paddy’s mouth begins to grow numb, his mouth aching from Topher’s body fat penis. Topher relinquishes their grip on the younger man’s face, and turns about.”Now, end up being a great guy and language my own ass.” Paddy groans in delight, burying his face into Topher’s strong Latino ass. He digs their tongue into the older man’s asshole, licking and plunging their language inside him.

Their cock gets tougher while he listens to another man groan with pleasure.”Mmm, great, I know just exactly how a lot of you love the taste of my ass. Eat it, mmm…” Topher voices their pleasure.Suddenly, Emanual felt Topher’s arms draw him onto the bed. “Lay down,” he ordered, while he quickly unfastened the man’s jeans. The man grinned when Paddy’s seven inches cock endured at focus. Topher got their entire dick in the lips, going his language around the tip and along the shaft. The younger guy shuddered, their entire human anatomy moving as Topher pleasured him eagerly. His penis expanded hard as a rock, and he had been fighting the attraction to explode into his lips and on his face, whenever Topher determined he wished anything more. He rose upwards, and grabbed Paddy’s hips. The man positioned him quickly, homosexual ass during the atmosphere. The guy went their arms on top of the more youthful man’s tanned abs, as their tip brushed the other’s entry. “Bite the pillow,” he instructed, and Paddy obeyed simply in time for you to really feel Topher enter him.

Again and again Topher takes the younger stud: he really does it doggy design, on their part, every which method they can. And subsequently, Topher squirts a huge load of Jizz all over Paddy’s nice, sleek ass. Throughout this arena we all come across Topher go up from time for you time for you to seem outside the house. “Yes!” He shoots his load across his own tummy, a few from the cum striking his very own face and chin. The guy seems up at Topher, exactly who is however pumping into his aching arse. “Please…” he’s nevertheless noisy. Eventually, Topher draws completely and shoots his very own load into Paddy’s already cum-covered face.He is examining on his son and his buddy, creating positive these people are normally occupied to ensure that he and Paddy wouldn’t end up being troubled. By the looks on his face, it appears that what is happening outside can be sexy as what is happening in. Drill My Hole provides another winner in Son Swap Part 2. Sluggish sensual sex that builds to hardcore rectal play is what great movies should be pertaining to. navigate to this web-site

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great gay tube with Rafael Alencar

Posted by admin - December 25th, 2014

Str8 To Homosexual appreciates showing sexy, straight male designs participating in a few truly hardcore gay sex moments. In system Double they make use of two huge, gorgeous, straight men with similar bodies and constructs to produce a play on the name regarding the film. Rafael Alencar and Ty Roderick both have facial hair, even though Rafael keeps his beard trimmed and shaped, while Ty lets their grow wild. Both dudes are awesome fit and high, and incredibly versatile with regards to gender. The cruising grounds are by using the forests. Both males are cut, but Ty has an enormous 9.5 inch penis that seems to continue forever. nbsp;These dudes understand exactly what they need and it also doesn’t just take very long before Jace features Rafael’s eight inch cock away from their slacks and into his mouth.

In this scene, Ricky is the manager. The boss questions Rafael Alencar – rafael alencar from – and gives him some guidance and instructions in the strong voice with slightly faltering English. Not just is the boss adorable, however he additionally appears wonderful on digital camera. Rather than simply speak, Rick chooses to present Rafael just what is expected from an excellent cam star. This guidance gets Rafael to begin striking some positions and stripping down. The music plays, Ricky continues on together with their guidelines and Rafael demonstrates he gets what exactly is anticipated. Rafael gradually gets in the lubed asshole of youthful Jace and pumps him difficult and fast. This leads to a program of these two making away in the sofa. Maybe not having the capacity to to carry it any more and with Rick difficult as a rock, Rafael decreases giving Rick some good old fashioned sucking. The two have naked and things have heated-up. Ricky is held in place as Rafael sucks his cock in order to view his dick slip inside and outside of Rafael’s mouth.

Jace cannot assist it while he shoots his load of jizz all over Rafaels human body and face. At the same time, Rafael brings aside and aims his dick direct at Jaces open-lips. A couple of jizz goes into Jaces throat, but a lot operates over their lips and down onto his upper body – Jace simply licks his lips in delight. Their moans appears to have brought the interest of someone. Are their own particular moans about to get caught with their own trousers down? Or will they have enough time for you to obtain dressed and be wiped out before becoming found? If you desire to learn exactly how this tale works aside during the finish, head on up to to Men Of Britain and verify away Cruising: Episode 2 and see it yourself. You will definitely be so happy you did. get more wonderful free gay porn at

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Finally – Cody Cummings will be running straight back to gay porn

Posted by admin - November 19th, 2014

{Cody Cummings has attained it once again. This sex machine is looking for a serious fuck. He is with somebody new because of the title of Andrea Suarez. Cody and Andrea with sees to well tone bodies are laying on a bed side by side wearing absolutely nothing however their under-garments. Both men currently have actually noticeable hard ons. After heading a amount of years without seeing a Brand new motion picture from Gods of males, we have ultimately been provided with The Ebony place. This movie characteristics one of the greatest dicks previously seen on, therefore it had been worth the long delay. The ever-hot Cody Cummings has a tendency to shoot one-offs rather than series. He’s got showed up in a complete of 23 flicks up to now, with this one becoming among the best. Cummings carries an 11.5 inches dick, so it’s no question the reason why he is so common. It works for around 25 moments that is the regular length for hardcore scene.|Cody Cummings is the celebrity of the program, that also done in several fantastic online videos. Their particular huge cocks are prepared to get. The guys function actual tenderly towards one another, stroking and kissing their particular difficult figures. Cody Characteristics constructed a track record of themself and then he has managed to get huge into the market. In only the finally year, he’s got managed to take three movies with Men dot-com. Though he’s defined by their bushy self, he gets to shoot their Pictures with Slick young lads. His films have actually starred him and Ryan Sharp, Tyler Morgan as nicely as in this movie, you will get to see him

In no time whatsoever equally males are naked. Andrea is cute and muscular. He’s got a Firm and good nicely toned human anatomy. Their even offers a big dick. Cody Cummings is Similar in assemble plus Measurements. Their cock is also on the large size. The 2 males start stroking each other and performing as like fans. Shortly they’re prepared to do more than just holding. He’s Moreover exceptionally sexy in various other areas and never ever fails to place in a great program. The scene begins in the Black chamber with Saxon West, an progressive brand new actor with crimson locks and an excellent 8.5 inches dick. Saxon and Cody are both inked-up, with Saxon being match and a bit regarding the chunkier side. There’s completely no introduction or build- as much as start the landscape. It right away begins in a darkish room where Saxon goes direct to Cummings and starts kissing him. Other than just the banging… it additionally comes with a short story. Cody nbsp;takes the part of an instructor. You can Help but love searching at his business good built body through their Appropriate plus tie. His hairy beard is a turn on which matches his furry-carry appearance perfectly.

This will be exactly what Cody begins to do and afterward notes the tight opening. He gets the gap wet and prepared for some more Gratifying. Andrea crooks over and Licenses Cody to enter their Rear. The Men fuck like this for a while and after that change to a wide range of distinct serious positions. The whole moment theyre fucking theyre Nonetheless kissing and drawing one another. Cummings begins riming the Tail of Saxon and after that plays around with it together with difficult dick. Saxon seems which he can manage the space that Cummings is wearing, but anyone that views this Videoclip will gasp when Cody makes the massive dick in to Saxon’s opening. That’s when the fuck program Really starts. Cody Cummings from time to time brings his cock all of the way outside and then slams it right back in again and again. While Saxon is becoming drilled, he is also playing Jointly with his own difficult cock until he may’t hold it any longer. He whips around and unloads his crap all over Codys hot body. At that period, the picture slows down and gets a small calmer, which Creates a more close environment. hop over to here


Free Gay Porn For Johnny Rapid At College

Posted by admin - November 9th, 2014

Did you ever have fantasies making out with your local college teachers? Did you lust after them and consider the manner points ought to be in you getting your wicked method with them? Would you love to encounter them alone when you take a look at the showers after college to see them in all of their particular Zealous magnificence. Numerous homosexual males question just what it might be like if a person of their straight friends desired to have sex with all of them. This occurs to Ice and Johnny Rapid. Ice is gay and Johnny is straight. Shane Ice is longing to acquire some popular Johnny Rapid actions from Johnny. You can discover your favourite grasp here and you also might observe Johnny Rapid from afar and actually relish the chance to do a little harm on him. You simply have to get nearer. His big cock was there, filling you with gay porn intimate cravings and you also see that their penis was there for the taking and you also wanted a bit of it.

Possibly this didn’t take place, however with the new Gay Porno in school you really are able to re live that dream and it will certainly Induce you to sense a great deal much better. In essence, it might be very tough to replicate the free gay porn landscape in your thoughts and it is anything which can allow you to be really enamoured with the picture. Brad Kavlo is the aged and wizened piece that is the item of Quicks desires that is able to actually make Johnny Rapid go upset with lust. He shows that they switch in some straight pornography. The movies come off to be on the net on a pipe. There is an sudden surprise for Johnny. He’s caught and slave possessors. He will be offered into white-slavery and bought by Ben to be his intercourse servant. The 2 guys are today alone in a space stuffed with digital cameras. Jarce Needs the guide and start to just take Ben#8217;s fabrics off. Ben is now nude and Johnny Rapid is beginning at their tough, long cock. He takes this enormous cock and starts to deepthroat it.

The smooth younger twink begins maintaining the larger mature guy and there are tons comparisons which are frequently created here: small and enormous, old and youthful, sleek and hairy… Lots of things to evaluate, which actually include the picture a specific genuine feel. He Enjoys it right away. Johnny is into having his enormous cock drawn by Shane and will maybe not ask him to end. Shane will carry on to pull Johnny once the porno retains enjoying. Johnny Really likes it and before he Comprehends what is occurring Shane is jump is bum up and down from his cock. Ben loves this so much he pieces Johnny Rapid down and requires his cock in the lips. The males take turns sucking each various other. Johnny Accelerated movements onto Tom#8217;s tight bum and begins to lick his gap in preparation for only exactly what is after that. He operates his language around the hole as well as Additionally goes Indoors and out. The Action advances towards the locker room where Brad and Johnny truly do get down to it and play with one another. Rapid gets drilled by their grasp and there’s a certain power fight going on which is rather fascinating to watch.

Horny Rafael alencar and his impressive cock

Posted by admin - November 5th, 2014

Rafael Alencar, the hot and horny British stud with the cute face, gorgeous body and impressive cock, stars in his latest hardcore adventure, Cockpit Part 3, from Men of UK. In the opening scene, he is looking all kinds of sexy in a pair of tight black pants, is waiting for a plane while being checked out by the air steward and his assistant. They were thinking about beginning the boarding process, but they have another plan for Rafael.
The steward is portrayed by Lionel Lilac, who made his appearance in Cockpit 2. The sight of Rafael Alencar, looking delicious in his tight black pants, have inspired very horny thoughts in his mind, and he has made a bet with his assistant that Rafael is “an eight-incher”. They contrive to set Rafael up so that Lionel can get him alone and see if their suspicions about his size are correct.

Rafael is allowed to board the plane, but there is a sexy ambush waiting for him–Lionel grabs him and starts kissing him straightaway. At first he is surprised, but he soon gives in to sexy Lionel, returning the kisses with gusto. Lionel can’t control his urge to get his eyes on Rafael’s cock, which doesn’t disappoint, as indeed he does have all eight inches of stiff, thick, dick. Lionel’s eyes aren’t the only thing he wants to get on Rafael’s cock, and he excitedly starts to slurp on the tasty dick and swollen balls, right there in the airplane aisle.

Lionel is down on his knees in front of him, who thrusts deep inside the sexy steward’s throat. But they both want much more, and soon he is thrusting deep inside Lionel’s willing ass, filling the steward with every one of those eight inches that he bet on. Alencar thrusting is fast and hard, and Lionel takes every inch with gasping, groaning satisfaction, then they take a break from screwing and it’s back to sucking as the guys lie on the floor of the plane and Lionel deep-throats Alencar stiff dick.

But the steward’s hungry ass hasn’t had enough, so he climbs back aboard his cock for another ride, pumping away at his own stiff member. They go hard and fast until the two men can’t take it any more and shoot their hot, creamy loads of cum. The steward is a wet, sticky mess, but he won his eight-inch bet and is pretty happy with his prize! click here for Rafael Alencar Tube Site

The Blogger Rafael Alencar at Drill My Hole

Posted by admin - November 1st, 2014

Most people who visit Drill My Hole know that Rafael Alencar is a cute twink with a beautiful cut man toy and the most delightful twink ass in the business. Rafael Alencar usually plays the bottom guy in his films. Did you know that Rafael is a Virgo? Or that his favorite city is Wellington, New Zealand? All true. Did you know that Alencar is now only one movie away from 100? That’s right, our super twink just filmed number 99 with the new movie, The Blogger, that Drill My Hole has just put out. In The Blogger, Rafael plays a guy that is writing a blog post about some of the great sex he has had. We see what he is writing:

Alencar is in the shower in a hotel room that could be anywhere in the world. He gets out of the shower and dries off and is feeling warm and cozy with just the towel around his waist. As he enters the bedroom he is surprised to find Donny Wright in the bed. The older man is watching a porn flick and stroking his eight inch man toy with slow pleasure. He decides to take a chance and drops his towel into a puddle at his feet. His gorgeous twink dick is already standing at attention. When Donny invites him over, Alencar does not need a second invitation.

Within seconds he goes down on Donny’s massive man toy, swallowing it all and loving every minute of it. Then Donny gives Rafael a wonderful blowjob… and then we get to enjoy a nice slow 69. Drill My Hole does some masterful filming with this scene: we get erotic shots from above, and super shots of Alencar’s gorgeous ass.

Soon that tight twink ass is lowering over Donny’s hard eight inch man toy, swallowing it all again, except this time he takes it deep up the ass. Donny flips him over and takes control from behind, drilling that twink hole with his mammoth man toy. The contrast between Donny’s dark tan and his pale white skin is an erotic turn on, dark meat and white meat joining together as one. Rafael Alencar can’t help himself, he lets go with his load of jizz while Donny pumps his ass. Donny, so moved by the sight of the twink cumming all over the place, lets loose his own load all over Alencar’s smooth, tight ass.

The Blogger is another great movie from Drill My Hole. With Rafael starring, we are not disappointed. Now we have to wonder… what will Rafael Alencar be up to in number 100? That’s something to look forward to.

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